Toward a modern corporate culture with New Work

HR Asia, a leading human resource management magazine in the Asia-Pacific region, presented Pepperl+Fuchs Vietnam with its HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia Award last year for the company’s special dedication to its employees. The New Work concept employed there underscores the company’s modern working philosophy and wide range of activities to support employee wellbeing. We asked Han-Thanh, General Director of Pepperl+Fuchs Vietnam, to tell us more about it.

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Eighteen months in Singapore as a trainee

Clara landed in Singapore, 12,565 kilometers away from home, at the start of this year for her 18-month trainee program. She is gaining international experience at the Pepperl+Fuchs location there and getting to know various departments. We caught up with her to talk about her time there so far, how she has been received by colleagues, and what she especially likes about this location.

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What does a marketing rep do, anyway?

Carina started her career at Pepperl+Fuchs as a student enrolled in a dual vocational training and academic study program. She now works as a marketing rep in the Global Marketing team at the company headquarters in Mannheim. We caught up with her to talk about the many facets of her job and how she likes to spend her free time.

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Full speed ahead!

CURE Mannheim, a student club at Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) in Mannheim, is dedicated to building an electric race car every year and then putting it to the test in international race events. Maren Klotz, currently Continuation Manager at Pepperl+Fuchs, was an active part of the team as a student during the 2021/2022 season. In this interview, she offers insights into the project which is about technical know-how and a lot more.

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Driving a Polo to Mongolia

Caius, an employee at Pepperl+Fuchs subsidiary Neoception, wanted to experience a really big adventure. So, in 2019, he and two friends took part in the Mongol Rally: from Prague to Ulan-Ude in Russia and back – around 28,000 kilometers through 19 countries in a Polo built in 91.

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