Tablets for rhino monitoring

The South African wildlife sanctuary Care for Wild is on a mission to save orphaned rhinoceros calves. The complex process of raising the young animals and releasing them into the wild is monitored in painstaking detail. The sanctuary staff are using robust tablets by ECOM instruments for help.

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A sigh of relief in South Africa: Oz the rhinoceros is fit again

It has been over six years since Pepperl+Fuchs began sponsoring an orphaned baby rhinoceros named Oz. Now an imposing bull, he lives at the Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary in Mpumalanga, South Africa, a reserve for orphaned rhinos. After suffering some health problems in recent months, the pachyderm is now enjoying the African summer in his new reintroduction area.

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What does a … sales engineer do, anyway?

Damian has worked as a sales engineer for Pepperl+Fuchs for four months. He and his team are responsible for the KwaZulu-Natal region on the east coast of South Africa. To stay on the ball at all times, he has to be very active, something that has also rubbed off on his free time. Nair loves the fast movements of boxing and bicycling.

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